Mountains of the Sound, 
Creased like fresh, white paper,
Sing of water's ink.
--Photo and haiku by Cecilia Kennedy


(Photo by Cecilia Kennedy)

I'm an Ohio Buckeye, transplanted in the Greater Seattle area, which gives me much to write about.  The mountains, pines, and Puget Sound are daily inspirations. Back in Ohio, I taught English composition and Spanish at the college level and I enjoyed it.  As I reflect on my career, I think I probably did as much writing and editing as I did teaching.  I wrote blogs, committee charters, educational materials, proposals, presentations, PowerPoints, video scripts, web pages, and articles--all on various topics:  from literary/rhetorical analysis to car repair and home brewing.  At the heart of each piece, I strive to learn something new while capturing humorous, unexpected, or endearing aspects of relationships between people and the world around them.